We are proud to partner with ‘Skeyndor’, bringing you results driven aesthetic facials. Skeyndor is classed amongst the most famous professional cosmetic brand names in the world and has won global awards for it’s innovative treatments and scientific skincare.

Using their Mesoscience machine based on nobel prize winning technology we are able to drive products down to cellular level, with excellent results.

MESOSCIENCE by SKEYNDOR has also designed a range of mesocosmetics, offering an extensive but controlled supply of active ingredients for each treatment .The active ingredients have been selected from among the most effective on the market,choosing those that adapt best to the characteristics of our equipment, thereby optimizing their effectiveness and maximizing results.

Skeyndor Timeless Prodigy Facial | £180

NEW Ultra Exclusive Anti-ageing Treatment

The NEW Skeyndor Timeless Prodigy Professional Treatment is Luxury and science coming together to create this prodigious global ultra anti-ageing treatment. Exclusive treatment inspired by the most refined and selected beauty techniques for a luxurious experience which results in amazing skin. Suitable for all skin types.

DURATION: 90mins

skeyndor timeless prodigy facial

Skeyndor Corrective | £160

Ultimate No-Needle Mesotherapy Line Filling

The foremost challenge facing cosmetics today is the ability to offer a viable alternative to surgical treatments, correcting the most evident facial wrinkles, expression lines. Skeyndor have spent three years researching and testing more than 25 cosmetic substances, to formulate the best product for you.

Corrective is the ultimate non-invasive treatment, utilising medical grade branched chain Hyaluronic acid, encapsulated in Nano technology for the deepest penetration to fill expression lines, in conjunction with synthetic Viper venom, which affects the ability of the muscle to contract, providing a Botox like effect, without the pain and discomfort associated with needles.

Corrective from Skeyndor also contains the latest generation peptides, to plump and lift the skin.

Treatment duration is 1 hour and a minimum of eight treatments are recommended, with monthly maintenance thereafter. Homecare products should be used to enhance results.

DURATION: 75mins

Skeyndor Corrective Facial

Skeyndor Eternal Stem Cell Facial | £150

Our Eternal Stem Cell Facial is designed to offer an overall regenerating cosmetic effect providing an effective, long lasting anti-ageing treatment. Containing highly coveted plant origin stem cell Nano liposomes, promoting the production of epidermal stem cells, whilst protecting them against environmental stresses such as harmful UV rays. A course of 10 treatments, 1 per week is recommended for optimal results.

DURATION: 75mins

Skeyndor Global Lift | £150

An advanced treatment for ageing, sagging skin. Focuses mainly on the neck, jowls and cheek area, using Gene technology within the cell nucleus. Helps plump and restore ageing and tired skin. Award-winning treatment 2012.

DURATION: 60mins

Unsure about which treatment is best for your skin?

Book a skin consultation.

Request to book a skin consultation for £55 you receive a half hour consult to discuss your concerns and needs, which is redeemable upon booking a course of six treatments.

Skeyndor Derma Peel Pro: Brightening Peel / Pigmentation | £120

The most advanced pigmentation treatment available on the market today. Using gene therapy via the no needle Mesotherapy current. The TGF peptide stops the message to the melanocytes cell that triggers pigmentation. Not only does it remove pigmentation from the surface of the skin, but it also removes it from the deeper layers of the skin and inhibits the recurrence of pigmentation. Course of nine treatments recommended.

Skeyndor Derma Peel Pro: Timeless Peel  | £120

Traditional chemical peels cause injury to the skin causing fresh Collagen to rise and begin the healing process – new skin. The down side to this is that the skin can is left photo sensitive and those receiving chemical peels may have to stay indoors for up to 14 days after the procedure. This is a treatment that uses 50% Glycolic Acid, applying a special ampoule using no needle Mesotherapy, to deliver the ingredients and break the cell chains – inducing instant cell release. The layers of the cells rise to the surface, instead of taking fourteen days, amazing results delivered instantly with zero Downtime.

DURATION: 60mins

Skeyndor Uniqcure Facial | from £135

The new era of personalized skincare within your reach. New concentrates, essential for your daily beauty ritual.

The UNIQCURE concentrates boost the beauty benefits of your usual products with more than 45 active ingredients specially selected and optimised with SKEYNDOR technology to achieve extraordinary results in your skin. Treatment includes, ultrasonic cleanse, exfoliation, transportation of bespoke ampoules via Virtual Mesotherapy and finish with mask or LED mask.

My Mask £135 or LED Mask £170

DURATION: 90mins

Skeyndor Uniqcure Facial

Skeyndor Ultrasonic Glycolic Peel | £75

Ultrasonic exfoliation, for regeneration and moisturising of the skin. An ultrasound spatula is used mainly to refine and soften the skin, exfoliating it without attacking it. An excellent, simple treatment for correcting the signs of premature aging and for treating problems caused by acne, with immediate results.

DURATION: 40mins

Ultrasonic Facial

Skeyndor Clear Balance Acne Facial | From £115

Treat blocked pores and acne with this facial designed to clear blackheads and rebalance the skin whilst also helping to prevent scarring. This purifying facial will soothe and calm the skin without leaving it greasy or shiny.

DURATION: 60mins

Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Acid Facial | £115

This treatment combines Hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights with an aquaporin activator, which are the proteins responsible for transporting water to the heart of the cell. Hydrated skin means healthy skin and this treatment offers the ultimate in hydration.

DURATION: 60mins

Skeyndor Power Retinol | £115

The ”Gold Standard” of Anti Ageing treatments with high rejuvenating properties. SKEYNDOR launches this new formula to the market, based on the synergy of three active ingredients that are expertly combined to obtain a unique complex with amazing results. 3 active ingredients have been carefully selected due to their distinctive rejuvenating activity, their unique ability to enhance each other synergically and producing a surprising anti-ageing result without side effects.

DURATION: 60mins

Skeyndor Power Vit C | £115

Boost collagen and inhibit the over production of melanin, which can cause sun spots, with this facial using Pure Vitamin C. Leaving the skin looking more hydrated and with greater luminosity this treatment is the perfect year round ‘pick me up’ and a must for preparing and repairing the skin before and after holidays in warmer climates.

DURATION: 60mins

Unsure about which treatment is best for your skin?

Book a skin consultation.

Request to book a skin consultation for £55 you receive a half hour consult to discuss your concerns and needs, which is redeemable upon booking a course of six treatments.

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