Defining semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos.

If your feel your eyebrows are thinning or not defining your eyes as you’d like and you spend hours every morning touching them up to look just right, why not consider Microblading – a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo treatment. Using the most advanced methods and equipment, The Beautique ensures that you have the perfect microblading experience from start to finish, and for many months after!

Prior to your treatment, you will have a consultation in order to discuss the results you would like to achieve. We will establish the style and shape desired. This consultation will also determine the most suitable process for you, which could range from full eyebrow shaping to brow enhancement or just a colour top up for those who have undergone microblading before.

During your microblading treatment, you may experience some mild discomfort, which on a scale to 1-10, other clients have given a 4-5. We provide anaesthetic for all proceedures. The initial treatment will take approximately 120 minutes, with your follow-up procedure between six and eight weeks later lasting around 60 minutes.


Proper AND careful care following your procedure is necessary to achieve the best results.  Please keep in mind it is normal to see unevenness of colour is to be excepted.  This is the purpose of the re-touch visit.  Please review the following directions and refer to them as necessary. If during the healing process, you have any questions please contact me.

Pre Advice

  • Wash hair prior to procedure
  • Avoid Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Coumadin, Alcohol and Coffee for 24hrs prior to procedure

Post Procedure

You may experience the following for 72 hours:

  • Flaking
  • Tenderness
  • Dryness and itchiness in the treated area
  • Swelling and redness

Daily Care to follow for at least one week until your area has fully healed

  • ALWAYS wash your hands before applying the cream provided. Apply minimum of 2 times a day.
  • Apply the cream with a cotton bud, use one side of cotton bud to apply to one eyebrow and the other side for the remaining eyebrow so not to contaminate the product and to avoid infections.
  • We recommend you use a gentle facial cleanser to clean the face during healing period
  • DO NOT GET THE TREATED AREA WET if the area does get wet gently pat dry using clean tissue.
  • KEEP HAIR AWAY from the treated area to prevent any infection.
  • DO NOT TOUCH, PICK, PEEL OR SCARTCH the treated area or the colour may heal unevenly and you may risk scarring and infection. Allow the wound to heal and flake on its own, apply cream to keep area from itching.
  • NO MAKE UP should be applied to the treated area until they have fully healed and the eyebrow feels like normal again.
  • DO NOT expose the healing skin to direct sun, tanning beds, Jacuzzi’s, saunas, salt water, swimming pools direct shower spray hot water or steam, skin creams or ointments other than what you have been instructed to use following your procedure. Also be mindful of not exposing the treated area to contaminated environments.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER your selected eyebrow will be 30-50% darker and more sharply defined immediately after treatment but as the healing process occurs the colour will soften and lighten.
  • Remember this is a 2 step process and any unevenness in the shape or colour will be rectified on your touch up appointment 4/8 weeks following your initial procedure.

Long Term Care

  • Use minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen, sun expose will fade your semi-permanent cosmetics.
  • If you are planning a chemical peel, MRI scan or any other medical procedure, please inform your doctor of your permanent cosmetics.
  • Please inform the National Blood Service if you donate blood, as you not be eligible to give blood for a year post procedure.


Eyebrow Microblading | £350
Includes top-up 6-8wk after initial treatment

Microblading Top-up | £150
between 6-9 months

Microblading Top-up | £200
between 9-18 months